Idaho Online Real Estate Academy

How to take Idaho Real Estate Classes Online

There are two options to take Idaho real estate classes online as approved by the Idaho Real Estate Commission (IREC), a division of the Occupational and Professional Licenses (Note: IREC doesn’t offer classes directly. Students need to register with a school that is approved by the State. Read on to learn more.)

You can take remote instructor led Idaho real estate classes online via a tool like Zoom, or you can take self-paced classes online where you click through the content. 

In this article, we will explore both learning options and what they are like.  

Instructor Led Idaho Real Estate Classes Online

Idaho Instructor Led Online Real Estate Class Zoom Meeting

In this learning option you are attending a class like in school except that it is held online via a Zoom meeting. That means the typical requirements of a school classroom apply. You need to show up on time and have your video on. You have textbooks that you refer back to and a class outline.

Absences typically aren’t allowed and Idaho has a strict 100% attendance requirement. Sometimes you can work with the school to figure out make-up work, but that is on a case-by-case basis. 

You also have other students in the class that you get to interact with and learn from or at times get distracted by. The teacher adds stories and some humor to the content. You can also ask questions in real time and get quick feedback.


  • Can be a more fun and engaging way of learning vs self-paced classes
  • Opportunity to get questions answered in real time
  • Ability to learn from other student’s questions & comments and make new friends


  • More expensive form of learning compared to self-paced online classes (around $100-$250)
  • Fixed class schedule that may not work for your schedule on all dates
  • Unable to miss class (sometimes a limited amount is allowed with make-up work)

Bottom Line for Instructor Led Idaho Real Estate License Classes Online 
Instructor led Idaho real estate classes are a good option for students who are looking for a structured learning environment with the ability to make the class times work and want to learn from home.

Self-Paced Idaho Real Estate Classes Online

This learning option offers full-flexibility with the convenience of learning from home. Once you register for your self-paced online Idaho real estate classes,  you will receive a log-in password and then click through the content. There isn’t a textbook in this learning option as you will be clicking through the content organized into chapters and sections. 

Because it is just you learning on your own, the challenge with this learning option at times is managing yourself to stay on track. Fortunately though, you have plenty of time of finish the classes and can always get extensions if needed. 


  • Most convenient option: learn on your time from anywhere
  • Less expensive (around $100 to $250)
  • Don’t have to worry about life or work getting in the way
  • Free Trial Option available
  • Military discounts available 
  • Ability to learn at your own pace


  • More self-motivation required 
  • Learning alone vs with peers
  • Questions are answered, but not in real time

Bottom Line for Self-Paced Idaho Real Estate Classes Online 
Self-paced online Idaho real estate classes are a great option for students who are looking for flexibility and the ability to learn whenever it works best for them.

Idaho Real Estate Class Option Summary

Depending on what your situation looks like and what it important for you will help you decide which learning option to choose. The main considerations for many students are schedule and price. 

If you have a stable work and life schedule that you can rely on and prefer to learn in a more structured environment, then Instructor Led Idaho Real Estate Classes may be your best option.  

If flexibility is important to you, and/or you’re looking to learn at your own pace, or the price difference is impactful to you, Self-Paced Online Idaho Real Estate Classes may be your best choice.

Either way, you will be able to learn from the comfort of your own home to help prepare you for the next opportunity.