Idaho Online Real Estate Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be 10 minute class breaks approximately every hour and lunch breaks as well for full day classes.

You can sign up after the registration deadline, however, in order for the textbooks to arrive on time it is highly recommended that you sign up at least one week before class starts.

The class follows the class outline that you will receive digitally, so you will need to catch up on any reading assignments once you receive the textbooks.

Fair question! We have a page that explains how you can do that in our About Us section, or you can follow this link.

The Idaho Real Estate Commission requires an Internet connected device (computer, tablet etc) other than a phone to join class.

There is a 50 question multiple choice End of Module Exam that you will need to pass with a 70% or better (35/50) in order to get credit for the class.

If you are unable to pass the exam for whatever reason, you get one free exam retake included in the price of the class. If a student is unable to pass the retake exam, then they will have to retake the class as per Idaho Real Estate Commission requirements. 

While we understand that life happens, the Idaho Real Estate Commission has a 100% attendance requirement in order to receive a completion certificate for the course. That means that even if you are a few minutes late, you will likely be required to make up the class. There are only a few make ups allowed, so do yourself a favor and plan to be logged in to the lesson 5 minutes prior to class starting. As they say, “to be early is to be on-time, and to be on-time is to be late.” In other words, set yourself up for success!

Yes, we highly recommend setting aside time to review the content learned in class. The amount of time will depend on the person, but per module we would recommend at least 4 hours outside of class.