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Idaho Real Estate Education Waiver
- What You Need to Know -

  1. Idaho waives the national portion of the licensing exam…prelicense education, and broker experience requirements (if applicable) if you are licensed on active status in another state
  2. If you are licensed in a “single licensure” state, you must hold a Principal or Designated Broker license to qualify for an Idaho broker license.
  3. All other prelicense education is waived with the exam waiver.
  4. There is a process you need to follow, detailed on the Idaho Real Estate Commission Website here.
  5.  In short, if you’re actively licensed in another state, the education requirements and the national portion of the exam requirements are waived…meaning you still need to pass the Idaho portion of the exam (which has some unique nuances)

How we can help you pass the Idaho Real Estate Exam

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Edited Video Recordings by topic with Idaho specific content…so instead of taking a 90 hour class, you can watch only what you need

Study Outline

A study outline paired down to be Idaho focused…carving out ~40% of the content, so you can focus your time effectively 

Additional Resources

Links to the Idaho specific textbook and license law handbook…so you can get it at cost with the most convenience