Idaho Online Real Estate Academy

About Us

Not so long ago, we were in your shoes.

Wanting to make a change, to increase our knowledge, help people buy and sell real estate, make a decent living and get in the game ourselves…only problem was, most classes were in person…and an hour away by car.

Then COVID Happened. Lockdowns Happened. Zoom and Online Learning became more of a ‘thing’. In the midst of all of that, the need for real estate education in-tune with the times, and the clear advantages of being able to learn from home became even more apparent.

That is why we created the Idaho Online Real Estate Academy. To Save You the Time, Effort and the Needless Hassle of Attending Class In-Person, when you could learn just as well (and quite a bit more comfortably and well fed!) from the comfort of your own home.

At the same time, we wanted to combine the best of online learning with the benefits of in-class interaction, an engaging instructor who can answer your questions in real time and classmates who can go on to be friends, provide support and refer business

Our Mission

Help our students improve their lives,
their family’s lives and their communities by
enabling them to successfully study, prepare and work to pass the
Idaho Salesperson License Exam from the convenience of their home by leveraging Online Learning