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How Long it Takes to Become a Real Estate Agent in Idaho

In order to get your real estate license in Idaho, from start-to-finish you’re looking at a minimum of 9 weeks on an aggressive time frame with multiple stars aligning. For most people, you should probably expect the process to take closer to 3 months.

Some of these steps you have control over (like your education or selecting a brokerage) while others are out of your hands (like fingerprinting processing time). Some steps you can also do at the same time, while others are sequential.

The 5 key steps involved in becoming a real estate agent in Idaho are:

  1. Completing the Education requirement 
  2. Passing the State & National Exam
  3. Fingerprinting Processing Time
  4. Application Processing Time
  5. Selecting & Onboarding with a Brokerage

Step 1 - Completing the Education Requirement

In Idaho, students are able to take classes in-person or online to satisfy the 90 hour education requirement. In-person classes as well as remote instructor led Idaho real estate classes offered online typically take two weeks to complete. 

Another option, self-paced online classes can be taken as quickly or slowly as works for the student.  

Time Requirement: 2 weeks or more

Step 2 - Passing the State & National Exam

Technically this part of the process can be very quick because you can take the exam the day after you finish your education requirement.

However, based on our experience as education providers, we recommend students set aside at least one week to study and prepare for the exam so they can pass on their first try.

Conversely though, you don’t want to wait too long to take your exam as the chance of forgetting the information you studied goes up.

Time Requirement: 1 to 3 weeks

Step 3 - Fingerprinting Processing Time

This is one that ‘should’ be quick but hasn’t been due to the requirement to get your hard card fingerprints processed manually at a processing center in Texas. This process is quite complicated with certain codes required on the form and how you can pay. We encourage students to go directly to the provider for the latest information. You can also read more about the process in our detailed blog post here.

Time Requirement: 3 to 6 weeks

Step 4 - Application Processing Time

This step is the time it takes for the Idaho Real Estate Commission to process your application after you’ve completed all of the prior steps. Note that you will need to provide proof of high school graduation, which you will want to prepare in advance. You can read more on the processing of getting your Idaho Real Estate License here.

Time Requirement: 2 weeks

Step 5 - Selecting & Onboarding with a Brokerage

There is nothing preventing you from working on this step while your application or fingerprints are in processing because once you’ve completed your education requirement and passed the exam you’re good to go. 

This step is where you interview brokerages to determine fit. You’ll want to think about the work culture you like, how much support and training you want, commission split and so on. You can go as fast or slow as you want on this one.

Time Requirement: 1 to many weeks


In summary, you’re looking at 9 to 12+ weeks in order to become a real estate agent in Idaho so you’ll want to plan ahead. 

Becoming a successful real estate professional can be a lucrative profession with many top agents making six figures plus, however, you will need some time and a lot of hustle to get there. When considering a career change, make sure that you’re giving yourself enough time to get up to speed as it often takes 30+ days for a home to close after it goes under contract.